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My ash tray 😏

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Basically Tumblr.

shut the fuck up

literally tumblr

hahahaha im so glad that happened

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cloud-of-kushΒ said:Β For someone who advocates not having to be naked to earn respect and followers on your tumblr, this really set you back a few steps.

Oh, I forget to do my buttons one time, big deal. I never said there was anything wrong with being naked, I said I didn’t have to rely on being naked. What I do is none of your business really.

Thanks for the follow & love. 😊 You're blog is the bee's knees. 🐝 I adore your style & your face. Both are gorgeous. 😍

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no problem, I love your blog! you’re too kind :)

After shower bong hits


every flavour beansΒ 


Pure Extracts TangieDream shatter and Platinum Bubba crumble


Repeat of the Lemon Skunk super blunt. 😘